Thursday, March 3, 2011

Main Adventure: Oh Noez! (Day 10)

It's time to actually mine. Not craft. Mine.

I return to the hole by request of a fan. I shall venture deep into it.

Fun fun.

I expect a Creeper around this corner.

There wasn't. Lava was. How can I get across? Even so, I only have a wooden pick. I gathered some stone and ran back home.

I made myself a hot pickax.

Now for some real adventure. I ran back to the cave, ready to venture deeper.

Let's do this. I ran back through the tunnel. Honestly, if I knew there was going to be lava only this far in, I would have gone in sooner. But then I was faced with a decision. Left or right?

I chose left, putting torches here or there, until I nearly fell down a hole.

It seemed to lead to nothing, so I ignored it. I kept on keeping on, and- SMACK!

Random dead end. Left is dead. I ran back to the face of the tunnel, to see what time it was.

But the lava was too "purty". I kept going to the cave's mouth. I looked up to see the sun.

I was still safe, not for long, though. I took the path to the right.

No Creepers, no nothing. I went farther down until I hit a dead end.

But perhaps that's not the case. There's a hole above the gravel, so maybe there's more to this than I thought.