Wednesday, February 23, 2011

INFO: Minecraft Beta 1.3

Beta 1.3 is here! I've been gone, playing around with it. This update includes new features:

  • Redstone Repeaters, and Delayers
  • Beds
  • Increased Slime chances (Hurray!)
  • Sandstone, now found supporting sand
  • And tons of other useless bugs!

Beds look like any other bed made from wool and wooden planks.

Too good to be true. After taking this, I turn to my door just in time to see something green, and I slam it shut. I open it, then-

One of my first Slimes. But he soiled my bed. Here's what happens when you sleep in one:

The screen slowly fades to black, then places you out of your bed, usually in morning. You can get waken up in the middle of the night, however. It has been known that monsters can actually spawn right next to your bed. (Stalker Creeper) Beds also don't speed furnaces up. This is because it just sets the time to morning. It doesn't wait or anything. This update also includes a few more options, such as unlimited worlds, rename worlds, smooth lighting, and World Seeds.

When you make a new world, you have the choice to name it and include a seed. The worst (And best) seed of all is 404. Put 404 as your seed, then mine the gravel nearby. Survive in there.


Also, thanks to my supporting fans.

(That means you, Kyle)

Bonus Adventure: First Slime

Hey, hey hey! I just encountered my first Slime! EVER. So, here's how it went down. I thought that, since in a LOT of pictures of Slimes, lava was nearby. The 1.3 Update makes Slimes less "rare". I made a room at bedrock to test this theory out, and it proved false. All I needed was lava. I went down into my huge cavern mine, and fill my bucket with lava. As soon as I'm about to leave, I hear something. It sounded like Jell-O or something. I look around the corner, and I saw green drops dropping off a ledge, not visible. I get closer to the drops, it falls on me.

OH NOEZ. And I'm on Peaceful. It actually hurt me, so I fought back.

Awesome idea!

Oops. Now I have a bunch chasing me! I frantically got backed into a corner, punching them. Then there was cuteness.

Tiny Slimes! SO CUTE. I went back to my Slime Room, to see if any were there. However, these little ones were PERSISTENT.

Most of them died, jumping down the stairs like that. Honestly, though. CUTENESS. This will forever be a happy memory.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Main Adventure: Fencepost Host (Day 9)

The treehouse thing worked, and I was safe. there were no monsters (Yay!), so nothing special to report about morning. Now that I'm out of things to do, I decided to work on de-monstering my home.

I went tree jumping, to see if there was anything special to notice.

There was nothing new to be found, so I started working on the house. I decided that fences might help keep the zombies out. ("There's a zombie on your lawn!") I turned all of my wood into sticks, then into fenceposts.

After working a teensy tiny bit, I ran out of materials, so..

Chop! I cut down about two more trees, for a grand total of ten wood, which would turn into forty wooden planks. After working a little more, adding on to the fence, I was done.

When I was done, I still had some extra fenceposts. Then I realized that without light in the yard, the whole fence thing would seem pretty useless, baddies would spawn there.

Overkill complete. I had a sapling and nothing to do for the rest of the day.

There. I remembered that I can possibly get a bed, so that I can skip the night. I needed to find wool first.

Black Sheep. I went and punched it, getting it's wool. I ran back to the house to put my valubles into the chest. I then started to craft the bed. But I didn't have any wood.
 I turned around to chop trees, and:

That was a smack in the face.

I looked through the chest to pass the time, and I had a few sticks, and a few arrows. So:

A bow. Yeah! Now I'll be in danger less often. The sun is coming up, so I'll have to pack for tomorrow's expedition. I hope I don't die.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Main Adventure: Treehouse Woes (Day 8)

This morning, nothing attacked me, thank Notch. I decided that I shall make the treehouse. I found a nice, huge tree and got to work. There were other tree's leaves connected to the huge one, so I king of used them as a pathway. I went and chopped trees for more wood, and set to work.

Trust me, this was very annoying. The leaves kept dissapearing, and I had to waste my wood on them.

Eventually, I got the outside done.. Then the inside.

Then night came, and this shelter had to prove itself worthy. It did, but something about today seemed.. short. Well put, really. Anyways, day 8 is now over, and we carefully edge our way to dangers. And pigs.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bonus Adventure: My SandHome

Like I said, there would be bonus adventures lying about. This one is a tour of my house, in a different save file. It was hard to make, though.

This is it. Let's take a tour..

Here's the garden. It has a sugar cane growing area (Two of them!), a nice pathway, and a few flowers.

Here's inside the house. The house is made of sandstone, a rather annoying to get material.

There's also bookshelves.

Here's the view of the room from the inside.

Now, you may be wonder what those ladders lead to. They lead up to the attic.

The attic is very small, but it has a wonderful view from it's window. It's also a good place to hang out at night. It's made of cobblestone- Cobblestone has stairs, which I used for the slants.

A quick look out the window.

A nice angle of the house. Makes it look lively, huh?

Now it's better. It's a good home, because of the lights, and how they keep the baddies away.
Now for the location..

Every evening, you can see the sun set behind the water. Also, infinite water!

Plus, there's a huge mine right next to it!

And that's my SandHome. Did ya like it? Bye!

P.S. It's not like there's a secret room.. Right?

Main Adventure: Second Floor Terrors Part Two (Day 7)

It's morning, and I found drops not far from my door.

There's feathers out there. A few seconds later, there was actually drops that I picked up from inside my home. Slurpee Spider returned once again, I could hear it. I was afraid to go outside and face him, but then I remembered something. If you press F5, you can see the back of your character. I opened the door, then faced away from it. I pressed F1 to see my character's back, and I see this on top of my house:

If you see it, right near the top of the screenshot, it's a lone spider. I figured I could just run then kill it later.
Then I checked again, making sure it was completely safe. Then I see this.

There's no way you can see it, but the Moustache Creeper has come back! I high-tail it out of my house.

Did he just shave? Eh, who cares? Anyways, I engage in battle with this fearsome enemy.

I hit the stupid green blob two times before-

Boom! He went out with a bang. Well, he's gone, and now I can focus on the spider.

I placed some dirt blocks on the side of my house to reach him. I hit him once, but he didn't fight back. I hit him again, and he went flying off my house. What an idiot for being up there in the first place.

He dropped a lovely two string bits, to! I gathered them, and maybe I should make a bow. But that can wait. Iv'e got to finish my house's new addition. I went out and killed more nature, planting saplings as I went.

Eventually, I had enough wood, and I finished the second floor off.

I also nearly fell to my death.

And as soon as I placed that last cieling block..

Dark. I freaked out, thinking "Ahh! Monsters are going to spawn in here!". They wouldn't be able to for long, though.

Now to add in the windows. I used my Stone Axe to cut holes into the wood.

Then I went downstairs to the chest, and got some glass.

After I filled everything in, I remembered all the trouble that Iv'e had trying to get out my own front door. In the end, I added this:

A simple back door right next to the ladder for easy escape access. Cool, huh? I have nothing left to do for the day, now. I decided to just go outside an find something to beat up. I found a Black Sheep.

He's all the way out there, taking an innocent sip of the ocean. Prepare for death!

Random naked sheep. I collected it's wool, then saw that giant tree that I was planning to turn into a treehouse. I knew that I needed some ladders to even get up there, so..

I put the wool into the chest. And then..

I made some ladders. Right when I want to get working- night comes. So now I have to wait it out.
Then I noticed something from my new window:

It's hard to see- but there's snow out there. Only a small bit, though. Then...

There's tons of monsters outside. Oh noes! Five seconds later..

Random combustion = Good. Then-

A Creeper is out there. I saw it. It wants me. See what happens tomorrow! See ya!