Saturday, February 12, 2011

Main Adventure: Second Floor Terrors (Day 6)

Back from our fifth night. I made some glass, and now I'm going to put it to use. The plan was to make a second floor, then put windows in it. The way up to the second floor is to climb a ladder- so I made some.
It was daytime, but I kept hearing the Slurpee Spider. I went outside with my sword. BAD IDEA.

A spider dropped on my head immediately after leaving home. There was three spiders on my roof. And they all wanted revenge.

After dispatching the Spiders, I regained my wits and continued work.
 I needed to make the walls of the second floor. I went and punched more trees, but then I figured that that was too slow, so I made a Stone Ax.

After cutting down some trees, I figured that I should restore my health.

And I found my breakfast.
After eating a bunch of meat, I went back to chopping the trees down, and working on my house.

I finally got one of the walls done. I needed lots more wood. I went walking through the forest, trying to find wood that would be suitable. Then I see an even bigger tree than that other one.

That's where my treehouse will be. After a while of chopping other trees, I was about finished.

I figured that time was running out, and that I needed to finish. Fast. But I was too late; it turned to night as soon as I started chopping trees. I ran home, freaking out.

AND, I didn't get to finish the second floor. So I did the wimpiest thing ever.

All done. Now here comes to boring part: Night, and waiting. Eventually, day did come, and that means one thing: day 6 has ended, bye!

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