Friday, February 11, 2011

Main Adventure: I Spawn (Day 1)

I make a new World (World 3), and I spawn. And I get one of the most common biomes: island.

Now, of course, I'm pretty mad about this. I like the colder biomes, where snow is about the only thing you'll find. Anyways, I'd better get cracking. I looked around my surroundings, and I find this:

I stare in amazement: a perfectly huge tree. Honestly. I could make a treehouse up there, and that's what I'm most likely to do.
But before I do that, I'd better look at the rest of the island. As I do, I found out that this may not even be an island. What I DO find, however, is a cave.

I'm like, "No way, me, I'm NOT going in there,". I decided that I would later. I looked around, and this is SO not an island. There's plains EVERYWHERE. And I mean, EVERYWHERE.
It seemed like a very vast land, filled with trees. It's not anything special; I can't see any mountains anywhere. I decided that I should stop dinking around, and get to work.

I start removing the ground. I want to be staying on wood, not on dirt. I ran out of wood fast, so I went and..

...punched trees. I tried to gather as much wood as possible. However, it was still not enough.

And I set out to punch more. I also beat some pigs to death, so I can have some food. I'm not on Peaceful, so food will matter. Later, I finished punching trees (Surprised my hand isn't bleeding), and built the shell. It has no doors, though. Later, I punch even more trees, and the doors are soon added.

Just in time, too. I beat some more life out of the trees, and crafted myself a fine Axe. Then, it happened.

It turned to night, and I was luckily right next to the homestead. It's one of these times when you just hide in a hole. My house is dark, and I'm afraid monsters will spawn in it. I wait for night to pass, shaking in the corner like a kid in time-out who's hyped up on coffee. Then, I tried to take a picture, but Minecraft crashes all of a sudden. Thank Notch for auto-pause saving. Then, when I come back into my world, this:

I get shoved into the floor. I got out easily (Jumping), but night was still there, slapping me in the face. It mocks me. So I just sat there, then I hear it. Ssss.. I thought it was a creeper, but I think it was just a spider with a Slurpee, nothing exploded. I sat there for a little longer. Boredom caught me, and I watched Minecraft Suicide Chicken on YouTube. Then I went back to business, and I see this:

If you can't see it, it's a Zombie and a Creeper. I was terrified, so I went back to the Suicide Chicken. I decided to check a little bit later, and..

You should have NO PROBLEM seeing the terror here. Before I know it, this:

The Creeper called it's buddies in. A Skeleton is guarding my door. Then a whole bunch of Creepers came and blocked my way out. I remembered that in another save file, a Skeleton SHOT ME FROM OUTSIDE THE DOOR. So, this is what I did:

I tried to crank up the brightness as much as I could, but I had blocked the door with Dirt blocks.

Before I knew it, it was safely day time. Almost, at least. A few skeletons died out here, so I went and got some drops.

And then, it happens.

Do you not see it? That thing, over near the flowers. I ran up to it. Bad idea.

The Creeper chased me down. I was backed up against the side of a cliff. So I was like "There's the stupid mountain,". Then, I started beating the heck out of the green thing. I should have crafted a sword while I was inside, to make things easier. Just when I was about to get some Sulphur:

Boom. I should have known. I walked up to my house, collecting goods as I went, then I see a Spider.

It's right next to those leaves that look like they're on the ground. I approached, thinking "Oh, boy! An early Bow!"

I engaged in battle. It hit me several times, but luckily, I had food. I beat it to death with a bone. It dropped nothing. So, yeah. I'm angry. I wasted two Porkchops for nothing. Thinking the scares were over, I went back to the house. I saw something interesting on the way home:

It's in the middle of the fields, pretty easy to spot, since it's on fire. It was a Skeleton. I could tell by it's drops. I was wondering how the heck it could have not just burned when day came. There were no trees by it's area. Thus concludes Day 1. (And a little extra)

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