Wednesday, February 23, 2011

INFO: Minecraft Beta 1.3

Beta 1.3 is here! I've been gone, playing around with it. This update includes new features:

  • Redstone Repeaters, and Delayers
  • Beds
  • Increased Slime chances (Hurray!)
  • Sandstone, now found supporting sand
  • And tons of other useless bugs!

Beds look like any other bed made from wool and wooden planks.

Too good to be true. After taking this, I turn to my door just in time to see something green, and I slam it shut. I open it, then-

One of my first Slimes. But he soiled my bed. Here's what happens when you sleep in one:

The screen slowly fades to black, then places you out of your bed, usually in morning. You can get waken up in the middle of the night, however. It has been known that monsters can actually spawn right next to your bed. (Stalker Creeper) Beds also don't speed furnaces up. This is because it just sets the time to morning. It doesn't wait or anything. This update also includes a few more options, such as unlimited worlds, rename worlds, smooth lighting, and World Seeds.

When you make a new world, you have the choice to name it and include a seed. The worst (And best) seed of all is 404. Put 404 as your seed, then mine the gravel nearby. Survive in there.


Also, thanks to my supporting fans.

(That means you, Kyle)

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