Friday, February 11, 2011

Main Adventure: Days of the Dungeon (Day 3)

"This is going to be another boring day," I thought. I was wrong.

I recovered from my shock, and ate some newly chopped pork.

I needed more Torches, and that meant that I needed more Charcoal. I put some into the furnace and went outside.

I had two more torches left. I was going to be getting a new batch soon, so I used them for outside lighting.

I went outside, looking for more pork. I found a bunch of pigs that gave me two porkchops per kill. That's when I heard it. Monster sounds. I thought they were just coming from any of the caves under the plains. Then I saw where they came from.

Generally, I was hoping that it would be a dungeon, and I got my wish. I noticed the chest first. It was in a small doorway, blocking the monsters from escaping. I could just steal the loot and run. But I wanted to know what kind of monster it spawned. And if there was more than one chest. I heard on the Minepedia that Dungeons have less chests when they're close to the surface. This one was almost touching the sky, because it was inside of a mountain, and yet it had one.

You can see the chest in that cave. I noticed that this small pit was connected to another cave.

I have found more caves than I can handle. Now a DUNGEON? Will this world be any more awesome?

Later, I went back home to get some more Charcoal. I wanted to make some Torches and break into the dungeon.

I was looking for the dungeon when the rush came. It got darker. My house was over the valley, and I knew that I'd be dead meat if I didn't make it.

I sacrificed a porkchop, I jumped straight into the valley. Well, almost. I then ran up the hill, and into home.

Now there's that long, scary night ahead. There should be less monsters at my door now. I placed torches at my doors. And now, boredom will take over.

After what seemed like hours, I checked to see if it was day yet.

Nope. I checked several other times, but still, no. Then..

Dawn came. This concludes day 3, see ya!

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