Friday, February 11, 2011

Main Adventure: Virtual Heart Attack (Day 2)

Back from our terrifying morning, and ready for more. I left the house and set off to get some stone, and to look around a little bit more. On my way, I noticed some Mushrooms. I went back home and crafted a chest to hold my precious things.

Then I went and picked the Mushrooms.

Mushrooms are the key ingredient to Mushroom Stew (Or Soup, but who cares?).
Then I was walking around the cliff side where I was previously blasted by a Creeper. I noticed something interesting here.

There's three caves. One to the left, one in the middle, and one to the right.
I remembered why I wanted to go here: to get Cobblestone. But I didn't have a pickax, so I went back to the homestead and made me one.

It's made of wood, the only material I had access to at the moment. Anyways, I went and got a load of Cobblestone. Then...

I'll give you three guesses as to what that was. Yes, it was a Creeper. I got out of my small strip mine, and I saw it dashing toward me. I could only take this, my hands freaked out, I was trying to stab it's face out with a wooden pickax. It left another Creeper Crater, about ten blocks away from the first. I ran home, and was hyperventilating inside my humble abode. A few moments later, I decided to head out again, and chop some wood. I needed Coal REALLY bad, and Charcoal was my next best option. I placed a Furnace into my wall.

The backside isn't seen from the outside. There's another wall layer behind it. I head out to kill some nature, and I start getting hungry after about one minute of breaking my back on trees. Luckily enough, I found a patch of pigs...

I'm running on nothing, and I see a patch of pigs that magically drop edible,raw, pre-sliced pork. I jump into the crowd, beating the heck outta them. One jumped into a water pit that went underground slightly. It was too bright for monsters to spawn. I came in for the kill. By the end of my food fest, I was about full.
I went back home to get me some Charcoal, and then it starts getting dark.

Of course, there was no "Oh, I'd better cut down some more trees then lose it all when I get blasted in the face by a Creeper" type stuff.

I ran home, and like the night before, I blocked off my doors with dirt. Wood is kind of hard to use in a furnace. It dies out very fast. It got me three Charcoals, though.

And then, my house gets lit up.

But now, I have more important matters to attend to. Like, not trying to get my face eaten off by zombies.
I sat there for a while. I kept hearing the stupid Slurpee spider, so I turned my volume down. It seemed like eight minutes after darkness came, so I took a chuck out of my wall to see what time it was.

There was a Creeper outside. I was all "Oh, boy! Free TNT!". Not at all. I made a Stone Sword before I went out, just in case. It didn't help me much.

So I ran outside, then, MONSTER RUSH. First, I think a Spider came out of nowhere, and started attacking me. I killed it in two hits with my brand spanking new weapon. Next, a Zombie dropped on me, and then suddenly bursting into flames. In the midst of the terror, the Creeper was gaining on me.

I made quick work of the Spider and Zombie, and then I decided to face the Creeper.

I mean Creepers. There was two, both about to explode. I tried to fight off the first. BOOM. It exploded, sending me flying. The death of Creeper #1 caught Creeper #2's attention. It flew at me, but it first took a quick dive. I knew I was doomed.

Honestly, I was about ready to wuss out and set the level to Peaceful. I tried chopping away at the Creeper like I did to the other. I was freaking out, and the Creeper's reply was "Ssss..." Guess what happened next.

Yeah. It committed suicide. My health bar was shaking violently. I took out my three remaining porks and ate them. It didn't fill my health all the way, but it did help. And this concludes day 2.

P.S. Now I can't even go into my closet without thinking a Creeper would come and rearrange my face.

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