Saturday, February 12, 2011

Main Adventure: Second Floor Terrors Part Two (Day 7)

It's morning, and I found drops not far from my door.

There's feathers out there. A few seconds later, there was actually drops that I picked up from inside my home. Slurpee Spider returned once again, I could hear it. I was afraid to go outside and face him, but then I remembered something. If you press F5, you can see the back of your character. I opened the door, then faced away from it. I pressed F1 to see my character's back, and I see this on top of my house:

If you see it, right near the top of the screenshot, it's a lone spider. I figured I could just run then kill it later.
Then I checked again, making sure it was completely safe. Then I see this.

There's no way you can see it, but the Moustache Creeper has come back! I high-tail it out of my house.

Did he just shave? Eh, who cares? Anyways, I engage in battle with this fearsome enemy.

I hit the stupid green blob two times before-

Boom! He went out with a bang. Well, he's gone, and now I can focus on the spider.

I placed some dirt blocks on the side of my house to reach him. I hit him once, but he didn't fight back. I hit him again, and he went flying off my house. What an idiot for being up there in the first place.

He dropped a lovely two string bits, to! I gathered them, and maybe I should make a bow. But that can wait. Iv'e got to finish my house's new addition. I went out and killed more nature, planting saplings as I went.

Eventually, I had enough wood, and I finished the second floor off.

I also nearly fell to my death.

And as soon as I placed that last cieling block..

Dark. I freaked out, thinking "Ahh! Monsters are going to spawn in here!". They wouldn't be able to for long, though.

Now to add in the windows. I used my Stone Axe to cut holes into the wood.

Then I went downstairs to the chest, and got some glass.

After I filled everything in, I remembered all the trouble that Iv'e had trying to get out my own front door. In the end, I added this:

A simple back door right next to the ladder for easy escape access. Cool, huh? I have nothing left to do for the day, now. I decided to just go outside an find something to beat up. I found a Black Sheep.

He's all the way out there, taking an innocent sip of the ocean. Prepare for death!

Random naked sheep. I collected it's wool, then saw that giant tree that I was planning to turn into a treehouse. I knew that I needed some ladders to even get up there, so..

I put the wool into the chest. And then..

I made some ladders. Right when I want to get working- night comes. So now I have to wait it out.
Then I noticed something from my new window:

It's hard to see- but there's snow out there. Only a small bit, though. Then...

There's tons of monsters outside. Oh noes! Five seconds later..

Random combustion = Good. Then-

A Creeper is out there. I saw it. It wants me. See what happens tomorrow! See ya!

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