Saturday, February 12, 2011

Main Adventure: [Insert Clever Title Here] (Day 5)

Back from our fourth day of surviving. We already found a dungeon, (Wow!) we killed a few monsters, (For about nothing!) and we nearly died. (Tons of times!) Today, I'm going to work on extending the homestead, making it bigger with more room, so that night isn't as boring. But right when I'm leaving:

Creeper legs. I knew I was trapped, and the only way to get rid of it was to wait for it to despawn, or kill it. If I waited, I'd be wasting another day of work and exploration, and if I killed it, fabulous prizes await. I got my sword out, and ran out the door. The Creeper saw me, of course. I looked behind me, and I saw the most frightening thing in my life.

It had a moustache! I ran away, beating it a little then backing away as much as I could. In the end, guess who won. So far, I've been nuked by about four Creepers. I was able to kill none.

I won. Check out my sulphur! The Creeper dropped only one bit, so I'll have to put it in the chest and find me some more wood. But first, I'll have to clear the dirt.

After that, I put some of my currently owned wood down. Then I go and find some more.

While I was finding some trees to chop down, my Axe broke, and I was, once again, punching trees.

After punching a bunch, I went home and continued to work.

Then I ran out, once again, so I went and got even more wood. Right near the finishing roof:

The sun sets. There was one block missing from the roof, so I slipped through that for easy-in access. (You can almost see the hole under the block I'm holding)

Afterwards, I covered the hole, and my new room was complete. Except for one thing.

Monsters like to spawn in dark places. And it was night.

Much better. I still have to do a lot of things, though. Maybe I'll make a second floor tomorrow. (In Minecraft days) But, still. It's night, and I've got nothing to do. AND I'm hearing the Slurpee Spider once again, plus the sound of clanking bones. There's a skeleton out there. BUT I found something to do: Make glass.

I'll make the second floor then put glass up there, as windows. I love viewing decks. It wasn't long before I checked to see if it was day yet.

I heard fun makes time fly. And I was just typing this all Minecraft night. So, I guess this is fun! And it is. Well, it's morning now. And that means day 5 is over. Goodbye!

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