Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bonus Adventure: First Slime

Hey, hey hey! I just encountered my first Slime! EVER. So, here's how it went down. I thought that, since in a LOT of pictures of Slimes, lava was nearby. The 1.3 Update makes Slimes less "rare". I made a room at bedrock to test this theory out, and it proved false. All I needed was lava. I went down into my huge cavern mine, and fill my bucket with lava. As soon as I'm about to leave, I hear something. It sounded like Jell-O or something. I look around the corner, and I saw green drops dropping off a ledge, not visible. I get closer to the drops, it falls on me.

OH NOEZ. And I'm on Peaceful. It actually hurt me, so I fought back.

Awesome idea!

Oops. Now I have a bunch chasing me! I frantically got backed into a corner, punching them. Then there was cuteness.

Tiny Slimes! SO CUTE. I went back to my Slime Room, to see if any were there. However, these little ones were PERSISTENT.

Most of them died, jumping down the stairs like that. Honestly, though. CUTENESS. This will forever be a happy memory.

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