Sunday, February 13, 2011

Main Adventure: Treehouse Woes (Day 8)

This morning, nothing attacked me, thank Notch. I decided that I shall make the treehouse. I found a nice, huge tree and got to work. There were other tree's leaves connected to the huge one, so I king of used them as a pathway. I went and chopped trees for more wood, and set to work.

Trust me, this was very annoying. The leaves kept dissapearing, and I had to waste my wood on them.

Eventually, I got the outside done.. Then the inside.

Then night came, and this shelter had to prove itself worthy. It did, but something about today seemed.. short. Well put, really. Anyways, day 8 is now over, and we carefully edge our way to dangers. And pigs.


  1. Hey! This blog is awesome! Please keep it up! Been thinking of doing a video one myself lately.

  2. I don't like videos, I have to speak, and my voice isn't all that great. And thanks for the compliment. Also, one question:

    Should I..

    Add more to the house (What should be added?)


    Explore that first cave that I saw?

    P.S. There's a band-aid on my finger; it's making this hard to type. Don't mind about spelling errors.

  3. I'd explore the cave! Depending on how big it is that could be fun! I went down into a cave near the castle I was working on lately and ended up coming back 6 days later =p

  4. Okay, then! SAVE IT IS. Going to be explored in day 10.