Saturday, February 12, 2011

Main Adventure: Dungeon Robbery (Day 4)

Well, now we can get going on the dungeon case. I left my house to find out that Slurpee Spider had returned. I chopped away at it, and killed it. I got two strings, too! Then I set off to find that dungeon.

I was mistaken about this being easy. A Zombie somehow slipped out, and this is what happened:

At least it was a Zombie spawner, though.

I sat there laughing, it could not get me. Or so I thought. It burst into flames.

Then I fell in the hole, beating it with whatever I had in my hands. (Dirt block) It mimicked my movements, and..

So of course, I'm running away from a Pyromaniac Zombie. He got a few hits on me before he died. Then I see another one. In the first picture of the Zombie catching fire, look into the cave. Zombie.

They're all idiots. But I actually have three caves down there to worry about, and I'm thinking that today isn't the day to go and rob from a dungeon that magically spawns Zombies from a cage.

I did anyways. It was pretty easy. I ran inside, beating everything with my sword, lighting the room with torches, and blocking another cave with my dirt blocks. I checked out the chests, and...

Sulphur. Like, thirteen of it. All that and one bucket. Lucky find. I took a few other screenshots:

The dungeon's spawner.

Collecting the rare Moss Stone.

Before I went in.

Saying "Goodbye,".

After getting the goodies, I decided that I should go home. But, my adventure took me a little ways from my house.

Over Creeper Valley, the first site of me getting Creeper-Nuked. I ran across it, and I couldn't wait to put my new things in.

I jammed all of the stuff into the chest. Then I turn around..

It got a whole lot darker. I had just made it before it got dark. That wasn't what I was concerned about. It was the boredom. But for some reason, the night lasted only about.. eh, three minutes. It's now morning, so we'll have to conclude day 4. Thanks, and see you later.

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