Friday, February 18, 2011

Main Adventure: Fencepost Host (Day 9)

The treehouse thing worked, and I was safe. there were no monsters (Yay!), so nothing special to report about morning. Now that I'm out of things to do, I decided to work on de-monstering my home.

I went tree jumping, to see if there was anything special to notice.

There was nothing new to be found, so I started working on the house. I decided that fences might help keep the zombies out. ("There's a zombie on your lawn!") I turned all of my wood into sticks, then into fenceposts.

After working a teensy tiny bit, I ran out of materials, so..

Chop! I cut down about two more trees, for a grand total of ten wood, which would turn into forty wooden planks. After working a little more, adding on to the fence, I was done.

When I was done, I still had some extra fenceposts. Then I realized that without light in the yard, the whole fence thing would seem pretty useless, baddies would spawn there.

Overkill complete. I had a sapling and nothing to do for the rest of the day.

There. I remembered that I can possibly get a bed, so that I can skip the night. I needed to find wool first.

Black Sheep. I went and punched it, getting it's wool. I ran back to the house to put my valubles into the chest. I then started to craft the bed. But I didn't have any wood.
 I turned around to chop trees, and:

That was a smack in the face.

I looked through the chest to pass the time, and I had a few sticks, and a few arrows. So:

A bow. Yeah! Now I'll be in danger less often. The sun is coming up, so I'll have to pack for tomorrow's expedition. I hope I don't die.